Friday, September 28, 2007

Hammer Man

21 September 2007

Killer hammer man strikes C Delhi colony

Express news service

New Delhi, September 20 -- The blow returned sometime last night for residents of Baljeet Nagar in central Delhi: on Thursday morning, the locals found a woman dead, her skull hammered beyond recognition.

This was the fourth such mysterious attack — and the third fatal case — on the area’s women in the past few months, residents said.

Locals, who have dubbed the mysterious attacker “hammer man”, said the strikes have a routine of sorts: all of them have come past midnight, and all on women staying alone. [...]

Times of India
21 September 2007

'Hammer Man' strikes in Delhi

Harsh Vardhan Sahni , TNN

NEW DELHI: Call him Delhi's Jack the Ripper or the Hammer Man. He rips but doesn't rape. Neither does he rob. He just kills unsuspecting women in the wee hours of the morning, tears their clothes and disappears into thin air. [...]

Express India
22 September 2007

Mohalla police takes up sticks against hammer man

Sahim Salim

New Delhi, September 21 The men of Baljeet Nagar in West Delhi have picked up their sticks again, trying desperately to shake off the spectre that is the hammer man — a serial killer stalking the narrow lanes of this colony for the last two years, killing three women and grievously injuring one. Newsline on Thursday night joined the party of vigilant men, spoke to the area’s women and got a glimpse of their compelling fear; their insecurities with the law. [...]

Another patrolman, Mohan Kumar, said the attack on Savitri Devi was slightly different — “He had hammered a nail into her head. But the man has become more savage now, hitting at the head till his victim is dead.” Newsline tracked down Savitri Devi, who recalled that horrible night. “I was sleeping in the house with my two children. Suddenly, I felt a cloth pressed on my face. I passed out and awoke in a pool of blood; the blood was oozing out of a wound in my head where a nail had been hammered in.”

Khaleej Times
25 September 2007

Granny held for murder, police rebuff 'hammer man' theory


NEW DELHI An 80-year-old woman and her relative have been arrested in West Delhi for allegedly killing her granddaughter over money, and the police Monday refuted speculation of a 'hammer man' or psychopath killer behind a series of murders in the same locality.

"There is no hammer man or psychopath killer in Baljit Nagar area of Anand Parbat. These are media generated idioms. All nine incidents in which three women were killed and seven sustained head injuries are not interlinked or connected," Deputy Commissioner of Police (West Delhi) Robin Hibu said. [...]

The Hindu [India]
28 September 2007

Delhi's "hammer man" strikes again
The mystery murder victim this time round is a newly married woman

Hindustan Times
28 September 2007

Murder revives psychopath rumours


New Delhi: A young woman was found murdered with severe head injuries early yesterday, taking the toll of such incidents in west Delhi's Baljit Nagar this year to eight, reviving the "hammer man" theory police sought to refuse last week.

Even after the latest murder, police maintained there was no psychopath killer behind the series of murders.

"There is no hammer man in the area - the victim this time was attacked with a brick. The residents have seen the culprit and he will be arrested soon," said Delhi Police spokesman Rajan Bhagat. [...]

IBN [India]
28 September 2007

'Hammerman': Is the serial killer for real?

Arunoday Mukharji /CNN-IBN

[...] There are some older voices who think it is someone out to create unnecessary panic in an area already burdened with many problems. They rubbish claims of any serial killer.

"Some say he jumps from roof to roof, some say he disappears. This is all this believable!" says a resident, G D Aggarwal.

The dark alleys of Baljeet Nagar appear even darker in the present circumstances.

Earlier people tried to be brave and dispel rumours of the hammerman. But now, with repeated deaths around them, they have no choice but to start believing in a so-called serial killer.