Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Resurrected Rabbit (2020), ("The Hare Drier")

A contemporary legend also known as "The Hare Drier," "Bunny Bounces Back," "The Replaced Rabbit," etc.

The Advocate [Baton Rouge, LA]
21 January 2020

Smiley: The Case of the Resurrected Rabbit

"The animal funeral stories remind me of a sad story," says Dave Grouchy, of Covington:

"My black lab, Duke, came trotting proudly up to me with a deceased rabbit in his mouth. He was a hunter, so I praised him — until I recognized the bunny as the pet of my neighbor’s little girl.

"I inspected the rabbit, who was sure enough dead, and covered with mud and leaves. I called Duke everything but a good dog.

"I noticed that the neighbors were not home, so I cleaned the rabbit up as best I could with soap and water, then blow-dried her and put her back in her hutch. I figured the neighbors would think she had died of natural causes and not be mad at me or my dog.

"Sure enough, later that evening the neighbors returned home and there was quite a commotion. I hid in the house and avoided them for days.

"About a week later I bumped into my neighbor and asked how he was doing. He said, 'Not so good. You remember my daughter’s little bunny, Fluffy? Well, Fluffy died and some sick son-of-a-gun dug her up and put her back in her hutch.'"

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