Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sports Fans Disrupt Marriage Ceremony – Gold Grains Found in Goose (1900)

The Advocate [Baton Rouge, LA]
6 January 2020

Smiley: A simple matter of priorities

Perry Rose, of Denham Springs, says, "I attended an afternoon wedding a few Saturdays ago. Other guests were sitting quietly, some were looking down, as the minister read the vows. When he got to the 'Speak now or forever hold your peace…' several guests jumped up, arms raised, and yelled, 'Yesss!' The poor minister almost fainted, the bride whipped around staring daggers at the offenders, and the groom rolled his eyes up almost out of sight. The offenders then realized what they had done, and one explained, holding up his cell phone, that Burrow had passed for the first touchdown of the SEC championship game in Georgia.”

Reports of gold found inside birds or grazing animals are legion. “A Goose Klondike,” The Daily Colonist (Victoria, BC, Canada), 29 December 1900, p. 2. “Capt. DeBeck…bought a wild goose…and on the bird being dressed, the crop, when opened, was found to contain…an appreciable number of grains of coarse gold….The geese were shot at Pitt Lake, and that is where the gravel bearing the gold no doubt comes from.”

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