Thursday, January 2, 2020

Contents of Witch Bottle Tasted (UK) – Horse Thieves Mark Properties (NJ) – Coin Tosser Fined (China)

Daily Mail [UK]
30 December 2019

Antiques Roadshow expert is left stunned after discovering what he thought was 150-year-old port when he tasted it was actually urine and brass pins

An Antiques Roadshow [expert] tasted what he thought was a 150-year-old bottle of port - only to discover it was actually full of urine, several brass pins and one human hair. Glass expert Andy McConnell was handed the mysterious bottle during an episode in Trelissick, Cornwall, after a local found it buried in the threshold of their house. […] Host Fiona Bruce […] revealed the object was actually a witches' bottle - which had been buried by the front door of the house to guard against evil spirits. […]


Times Herald-Record [Newton, NJ]
31 December 2019

Horse farm owners unsettled by suspicious activity

An animal sanctuary in Columbia is one of several farms in Sussex and Warren counties at which employees have recently observed suspicious behavior from unidentified individuals who they speculate may be looking to slaughter horses and sell their meat. […] [Tamala Lester, founding director of The Barnyard Sanctuary,] urged local residents to be alert for ribbons, chalk marks or any other signs left on fences facing public land, which animal thieves often use as a signal to others in the group that there is an animal on the property to be taken. If such markings are found, she said, the person should immediately notify police. […]


Daily Mail [UK]
2 January 2020

Passenger is ordered to pay an airline £13,000 as compensation for throwing two coins at a plane's engine to pray for a safe flight

A Chinese passenger has been ordered to pay an airline company more than £13,000 as compensation after throwing two coins at the plane's engine, causing the flight to be cancelled and more than 160 passengers stuck overnight. The 28-year-old man, named Lu Chao, was travelling by air for the first time with his wife and son when he tossed the coinage towards the aircraft in eastern China, according to a regional court. […] The superstitious man was travelling with his wife and one-year-old child and was hoping for a safe journey when he threw the money, Anqing police said in a previous statement. […]

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