Thursday, November 21, 2019

Jihadists Posing as Medics – Filipino Deported Because of Sandwich – Scary Clown (Birmingham, UK)

AFP Fact Check
 7 November 2019

This false police alert about Islamic State jihadists ‘posing as medics’ has spread from country to country

A hoax message claiming that jihadists from the Islamic State group are masquerading as medics offering people free blood tests -- while actually injecting them with the HIV virus -- has been circulating in various countries since 2017. The hoax, which has previously spread everywhere from India and Nepal to Ghana, has re-emerged recently in Kenya alongside a claim that three people were arrested over the plot in the city of Kisumu. […]


The Philippine Star
8 November 2019

Foodie Nightmare

[…] This week, an even more frightening story that could be true, could be fake news, or urban legend has spread among local netizens about a Filipino traveler who absentmindedly carried a luncheon meat sandwich in his pocket or bag all the way to Japan and ended up being made to choose between paying a very large fine or be deported. For the record, I have heard two versions of the story. The other version puts the absentminded Filipino in Taiwan but also ends with his deportation to Manila. True or false, the tales do call attention to our habit of carrying food during our travels as well as bringing back home pasalubong or baon from abroad. Many Filipinos still don’t believe that you can also be stopped at the NAIA-DA quarantine and find any and all meat products from Asia confiscated. […]


Birmingham Live [UK]
21 November 2019

Investigation launched as chilling 'killer clown' lurking in woods terrifies Solihull schoolkids

Youngsters were left 'petrified and shaken' after reportedly spotting a menacing clown lurking in a nature reserve as they made their way to school. The man - allegedly wearing a red clown wig, with a painted face and holding a red balloon with a picture of a knife - sparked terror after being spotted in Smith's Wood Nature Reserve on Wednesday morning. He spooked schoolchildren on their way to Smith's Wood Academy, on Windward Way, reportedly telling them to 'come here'. But the children - understood to be aged around 11 - fled the scene and reported the incident to their school. […]

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