Friday, March 23, 2012

Carjacker Sneaks into Back Seat at Red Light

Sioux City Journal [Iowa]
22 March 2012

Sioux City police say reported back-seat bandit story is fiction

By Nate Robson

SIOUX CITY -- Police said a revised version of a 50-year-old urban legend is circulating through Sioux City's social media circles, spooking drivers with tales of a back-seat bandit.

Whether on Facebook or through email, police said the story remains the same: A woman pulls up to a red light and the driver next to her rolls down his window to ask a question or for directions. As she talks to the driver, someone tries to sneak from the man's car into the back seat of hers. A nearby police officer sees the incident unfold and turns on his lights and sirens to scare the would-be culprits away. The officer then tells the woman the men wanted to steal her car and money. [...]