Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Camel Spiders Invade Phoenix

WTSP-TV [Tampa Bay, FL]
7 March 2012

Are camel spiders invading Phoenix?

Written by 10 News Staff

Phoenix -- A creepy rumor has begun circulating in Arizona: giant spiders native to Iraq are now making their home in Phoenix.

A service member contacted our sister station KPNX and told them that camel spiders had stowed away in the footlockers of returning troops and are taking up residence in Arizona. [...]

[A horror movie called Camel Spiders has just been released on DVD/Blue-ray. Its press release says, in part, "During a routine desert patrol, an U.S. Military unit headed by Captain Sturges (Krause) is ambushed by insurgents. Just when they seemed to be outgunned, the attack suddenly stops…and their would-be assassins are dragged off by what a native liaison calls “the devils of the sand.” Wounded in the battle, Sturges earns a ticket back home to the more hospitable deserts of the Southwestern United States.

"Bringing back one of his fallen comrades, Sturges doesn’t realize that a couple of camel spiders stowed away and now have access to an environment where they can breed at an exponential rate, freely hunting for prey and unafraid of any predator – including man.”]