Saturday, March 17, 2012


Times Colonist [Victoria, BC, Canada]
17 March 2012

Mysterious rumbles bring down an old barn

By Jack Knox, Times Colonist

[...] [Sunday's] column mentioned the most totally awesome newspaper byline of all time: Athol P. Black of the Kamloops Sentinel. That led another journalist, Arthur Black, to recall the days when his Saltspring [Island] phone number was unlisted, but that of Athol Black, who had apparently moved to the island, was not.

When listeners offended by Arthur's CBC radio program Basic Black would dial up Information demanding a number for "Arthur Black, Saltspring," the operator would reply, "I do have an Athol Black on -"

"THAT'S THE ONE!" the caller would roar into the receiver. "THE ATHOL WHO HAS THAT RADIO SHOW!"

Arthur regrets that he never met Athol P. Black, thanked him for fielding the angry calls, or presented him with a bottle of single malt before he died.