Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Somali Gang Attacks on Women (Edmonton, Alberta)


Edmonton Sun [Alberta, Canada]
12 May 2009

Don't believe e-mail about attacks: cops
Claims gang members beat women


Cops say exaggerated reports of an Edmonton woman being attacked -- circulating in the city via e-mail, and warning residents of a rash of violent attacks against women on the north side -- is more fiction than fact.

The urban legend started as an e-mail that warns of Somali gang members who have savagely beaten a handful of women in the Kensington area, near 134 Avenue and 119 Street, using crowbars and a butcher knife.

Edmonton Police Service spokesman Karen Carlson says the e-mail likely stemmed from an incident last month where three black males -- who have no proven connections to any gangs or the Somali community -- robbed and beat a woman in that area. [...]