Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jewish Woman Responds to Bovine Insults

Jerusalem Post
28 May 2009

Hebrew Hear-Say: Where the moo's takes me


[...] Urban legend tells of a group of Israeli guys sitting on a London Underground train making rude remarks in Hebrew about a woman who was - how should we put it? - horizontally challenged. The comments became ever meaner, including: me-eizeh refet hi ba'a? (what cowshed did she come from?) to: "nimkor ota leTnuva vena'aseh ktzat kesef" (Let's sell her to the Tnuva dairy factory and make some money - talk about a cash cow, para holevet). Over the years, the legend has, of course, grown - as, indeed, has the reported size of the woman and the number of people who swear this happened to a friend of theirs. The punch line, however, remains the same: The woman sat impassively amid the Hebrew insults but as she stepped through the sliding doors when she got off, she looked back over her shoulder and said: "Moooo!"

The suitably humbled guys went chalk white (lavan kesid) before going red with embarrassment. [...]