Monday, May 25, 2009

Child Abduction & Organ Theft Rumors (Vietnam)

Saigon GP Daily
25 May 2009

Police dismiss kidnapping rumor

A mob in Gia Lam District, Hanoi, captured a man, who they alleged was trying to steal a boy’s bicycle and kidnap him, and marched the man to the commune’s People’s Committee on May 23.

Thousands of locals demanded the police let them punish the man, as rumors that children in the district had been kidnapped for internal organs have been circulating for some months. It has led to a tense environment in the area, with many parents concerned about kidnappers, despite continued denials by local authorities. [...]

VietNamNet Bridge
25 May 2009

Nearly 100 policemen mobilised to break up “lynch mob”

Vietnam News [Hanoi]
27 May 2009

Talk Around Town

Urban legends stir up real fears

by Thu Giang

[...] Two weeks ago, a rumour went around that a common grave for seven children without organs had been found at Dang Xa and Phu Thi communes in Ha Noi’s outlying district of Gia Lam. The story raced from mouth to mouth that there were people kidnapping children to get their organs. [...]