Monday, March 2, 2009

Poisoned Business Cards (Halifax, NS)

CBC News [Canada]
2 March 2009

Halifax police embarrassed by email hoax

Halifax Regional Police are clearing the air after one of their officers fell for an email hoax.

The email hoax claimed business cards soaked in poison were being passed around, and that a woman had been drugged after accepting one of the tainted cards. [...]

The email made the rounds at Halifax Regional Police and before long, the names of several officers were attached to it, giving a perception of credibility to the hoax. [...]

Halifax Regional Police [NS]
20 February 2009

Press Releases

Hoax E-mail

There is an e-mail presently circulating in our area warning the public to beware of individuals handing out business cards which are laced with an overpowering drug temporarily incapacitating anyone handling it.

This e-mail is a hoax, as are most like it. [...]