Sunday, March 1, 2009

Buried Alive, Revived by Grave Robber

The Daily Times [Salisbury, MD]
28 February 2009

A history full of holes
Unconfirmed rumors swirl around iconic Trappe church

By Brice Stump
Staff Writer

[...] More than a century ago, a tale widely circulated about the Shore of grave robbers digging up the body of Hannah Maynadier, wife of the rector (said to have been "a good liver but a horrid preacher"), who requested she be buried with a costly heirloom ring. Within hours of her burial in the early 1700s, two men dug into the grave, opened the wooden coffin and, with a knife, severed her finger to free the ring. To their horror, the amputation revived the woman who was not dead.

According to legend, she walked back to her home and husband and lived a number of years longer. Now they both are buried in the White Marsh Church graveyard. Believable or not, there were Maynadier descendants in the 1960s who claimed the story was based on fact. [...]