Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doughnuts Like Fanny's

["No Swearing Allowed," host's monologue on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, CBS, 3 March 2009, episode 834. My transcription of excerpt (7:30-7:56 of video clip). "Fanny" is British slang for the vagina. -- bc]

"Do you know there used to be a TV chef in Britain called Fanny Cradock, and once -- I know! -- and, and once she was doing a segment on how to cook doughnuts on the news -- 'cause that's news in Britain, apparently -- This is true, I saw it! -- and when she was finished at the end of the show the anchorman said, 'Well, goodnight, and I hope your doughnuts turn out like Fanny's.'"