Friday, March 6, 2009

Lord Mandelson: Custard or Guacamole?

The Times [London]
6 March 2009

Protester throws green custard in the face of Lord Mandelson and walks away

Nico Hines

A female protester hurled green custard into the face of Lord Mandelson today before calmly walking away and evading arrest in an embarrassing security breach. […]

Lord Mandelson later treated the attack with a light touch. “Custard, was it? Not guacamole or mushy peas?” he asked, alluding to the apocryphal Westminster tale in which he once walked into a fish-and-chip shop in northern England and mistook the traditional processed pea dish for a more continental avocado dip. […]

BBC News
6 March 2009

Mandelson: 'Guacamole or mushy peas?'

The Business Secretary Lord had green custard thrown in his face by a protester as he arrived at a summit on creating a low-carbon economy in London.

After cleaning up, he gave his reaction to the incident.

[Video clip]

[On the legend that Mandelson once mistook mushy peas for guacamole, see Paul Screeton, Mars Bar & Mushy Peas (Heart of Albion Press, 2008), pp. 38-48.]