Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thai Roommate's Death

Jim Algie, "Oral Hex." Fortean Times 227 (October 2007), pp. 28-29.

[...] Hosted by Kapol "Pong" Thongplub from the witching hour until 3am every Saturday and Sunday, [Shock Radio, a Thai radio show,] mostly consists of callers telling tales of the supernatural which they've either experienced personally or heard from friends and family members. [...]

One of the most repeated tales has become something of an urban legend around the country's universities. "Two students are roommates, and one of them goes out at night to buy some food," shock-jock Pong tells me when I visit the radio station. "He ends up getting cut in half by some psychopath; but his ghost feels guilty about not bringing back the food, so he makes his way home. The ghost's roommate answers the door and sees his now-dead friend's upper torso floating there holding out a bag of noodles for him."

Such tales, far-fetched as they seem, say a lot about the Thai sense of friendship, love of food, and especially their faith in the spirit realm. [...]