Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dog Poo Stolen; UF Lore

Ananova [UK]
15 August 2007

Robbers snatch dog poo

A Chinese woman has told how robbers snatched a parcel of dog poo wrapped in newspaper out of her hand outside a bank.

Mrs Chen, of Laohekou city, was waiting in the bank to withdraw money when nature suddenly called for her dog.

"While I was waiting in the queue, my dog had to poo. So I asked for several pieces of newspaper to wrap the poo," she said.

After wrapping it, Chen left the bank, and was waiting to cross the street to throw the parcel into a rubbish bin when the robber struck.

"A motorcycle stopped swiftly before me, the man on the rear seat seized the package from me, and they sped away," she said.

Police are investigating the case while "laughing at the stupidity of the robbers", according to Chutian City Papers.


The Independent Florida Alligator [University of Florida]
15 August 2007

Myths, legends and UF
The truth behind the rumors

Alligator Writer

College is a mysterious place. Among all the strange faces, unfamiliar buildings and abrupt new freedom, you'll hear some tall tales and false folklore. [...]


Boston Globe
15 August 2007

Man pleads guilty in glass-eating scheme

By Erin Conroy, Associated Press Writer

BOSTON --A man admitted to his role Wednesday in an elaborate multi-state insurance fraud scheme, in which he and his wife collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments after intentionally eating glass in restaurants, hotels and grocery stores.

Ronald Evano, 49, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to 20 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, making false statements on health care matters and Social Security fraud. Prosecutors dropped four counts of identity fraud and health care fraud in the plea agreement. [...]