Tuesday, August 21, 2007

AIDS Toothpicks; Legend Trip Shooting


People's Daily [China]
21 August 2007

East China police detain 60 people for spreading rumors, threats

[...] On July 11, a text message began circulating in Jiangsu, claiming victims of full-blown AIDS were spreading the disease by using toothpicks at local restaurants and returning them to the containers on tables. The message warned recipients against using toothpicks in Jiangsu. [...]


New York Times
21 August 2007

'Spooky House' Case Splits Ohio Suburb

WORTHINGTON, Ohio (AP) -- It has come to be known as the Spooky House Incident: A group of teenagers in this quaint older suburb who tried to scare themselves on a ''ghost hunt'' and a recluse who responded with gunfire, leaving two lives wrecked.

A pretty blonde high school cheerleader, Rachel Barezinsky, is crippled for life. Allen S. Davis, roused from an eccentric but otherwise unoffending existence, was sentenced last month to 19 years in prison for what he describes as defending his home. [...]