Friday, August 17, 2007

Man-eating Catfish; Sleeping Gas Gang

Shanghaiist [Blog]
August 11, 2007

Giant man-eating catfish found in Guangdong reservoir?

By Kenneth Tan

We found the following email in our mailbox the other day. Apparently it's been making the rounds on the Chinese-language internet: [...]


Swindon Advertiser [UK]
15 Aug 2007

Holiday couple gassed and robbed

By Sarah Hilley

THIEVES gassed a couple on holiday in France and stole all their valuable belongings while they slept in their camper van.

Pensioners Diane Bezer and Geoff Sillito woke up to find £1,200 missing, as well as their passports, bank-cards, mobile phones, and satellite navigation system. [...]

Daily Telegraph [UK]
17 August 2007

Beware sleeping gas gang, caravanners told

By Martin Beckford

The Foreign Office is advising caravanners to instal alarms after a string of tourists in France were gassed and robbed as they slept.

It is also suggested that they stay only on official campsites after Britons who had parked overnight at roadside rest areas had valuables stolen, apparently after gas was pumped into their vans to render them helpless. [...]