Thursday, August 4, 2016

Czech Rumors about Grateful Terrorist

Prague Daily Monitor
4 August 2016

Prague, Aug 3 (ČTK) - The Czech police are checking the spread of the news about allegedly threatening terrorist attacks in shops and the public transport, but the stories appearing mainly online are false, police command spokeswoman Ivana Nguyenova said at a press release yesterday.

Nguyenova said at the moment, the police had no information on any danger of a terrorist attack in the Czech Republic.

In the past months, such reports were frequent, but the police have assessed them as a sort of hoax, she added.

"We can assure the fellow citizens that the Czech police are dealing with the spread of such news. This is so both on the level of regional commands and within the terrorism and extremism section of the National Organised Crime Centre," Nguyenova said.

The reports bring the description of variously modified stories, Nguyenova said.

"This may be the story of a man who finds a wallet with money and then finds its owner, a Muslim. He returns the wallet to him," she added.

"Within the thanks, the owner of the wallet tells the finder that he should not go to some places, such as a department store or should not use public transport, a specific metro line, for a time," Nguyenova said. […]