Wednesday, July 27, 2016

South Korean Spies Release Snakes in North Korea

Daily NK
26 July 2016

Kang Mi Jin

North Korean border patrol guards in some areas of Ryanggang Province are busy searching for and capturing an unseasonably high number of snakes at the behest of the authorities, who claim Seoul’s spy agency deliberately released them in the region.

“From early this month, border patrol units received orders to capture snakes before they crawl over the banks of Amnok [Yalu] River,” a source from Ryanggang Province told Daily NK in a recent telephone conversation. “The key message from the Party was that the South’s National Intelligence Service had released snakes as part of a ‘cunning scheme’ to challenge our unity.” […]

[S]tate propaganda proclaimed in the past that the excessive number of stick insects pervading corn fields was due to U.S. imperialist scheming. […]