Thursday, July 21, 2016

No Elephant Dung in Starbucks Coffee

Gulf News
21 July 2016

Food safety department refutes new rumour on social media

Dubai: Coffee giant Starbucks is not selling any coffee that contains residues of elephant dung in the local market, the Dubai Municipality said on Wednesday.

The Food Safety Department of the municipality said it was responding to rumours on social media following an article published by a Turkish newspaper about finding elephant dung in coffee products used by Starbucks.

“The department confirms through sophisticated regulatory procedures that this type of coffee is not imported to the UAE and it does not exist at all in our local markets,” it said in a statement posted on its social media pages and sent to the media.

“Additionally, we contacted Starbucks Management in the UAE to ascertain if the company uses this type of coffee. The company has confirmed that it has never used this kind of coffee at any of its branches in the Middle East and Africa,” the statement said. […]