Thursday, August 4, 2016

Alcohol in Milka Oreo Bars (Dubai Rumor)

Khaleej Times
4 August 2016

Sherouk Zakaria/Dubai

Dubai Municipality, in response to social media rumours, clarified on Thursday that there are no alcoholic components in Milka Oreo, a popular chocolate bar.

DM's Food Safety Department attributed the rumours to a "mistranslation" given by the manufacturing company.

A senior official said a customer took to social media to complain that the ingredients of Milka Oreo Milk Chocolate, as mentioned on the packaging, included alcoholic substances. The official said the words "Chocolate Liquor", which means cocoa paste, was translated incorrectly to mean "alcoholic beverages" in Arabic.

Following the resulting spread of the rumour, the product was withdrawn from shelves within two days. Samples were tested, proving that the chocolate bar did not contain any alcoholic substances.

"The product was available in certain markets in Dubai, but we have withdrawn it following the complaints to avoid further confusion," said the official, adding that it might be released again if the brand corrected the ingredients' translation.

No action will be taken against the company, the official said. […]