Saturday, March 19, 2016

Woman Poisoned by Business Card (Taiwan)

China Post
20 March 2016

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The Criminal Investigation Bureau (刑事局) has recently denied an Internet rumor that said a woman was poisoned with the use of a drugged business card.

In a released statement, the CIB said a recent Internet rumor that has been spreading through social media networks and Line groups says a Taiwanese woman was allegedly approached at a gas station by a man.

According to a widely disseminated email, a woman was handed a business card by a man at a gas station. Shortly after she became dizzy and developed breathing difficulty.

She realized there was a strong odor coming from the card and also that his car was following her.

The woman eventually recovered but decided that there had been some kind of substance on the card that affected her.

The writer of the email then speculates that the substance may have been a drug known as Burundanga. […]