Monday, March 7, 2016

Sorority Houses Pay for Laundry to Avoid Being Classed as Brothels

The Brown and White [Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA]
6 March 2016

By Emily Ward

A myth has been circulating around Lehigh’s campus for years. This myth’s origin is unknown, and it suggested that any facility housing more than six women is considered a brothel in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

It has also been said that sorority houses, which are often home to more than 40 women at a time, skirt this law by paying for laundry in their Greek houses.

In a Panhellenic Council meeting on March 3, more than half of the Panhel representatives who live in Greek houses where they have to pay for laundry said they had believed in this law. Six of the nine sororities on campus pay for laundry. Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Chi Omega do not pay for laundry in their houses. […]