Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wife Drives Cheating Husband’s Car into Harbour

4 April 2015

Posted by Chris Bateman

Harbour Master Angus Armstrong knows the bottom of the Toronto Bay like the back of his hand. A police diver for 26 years and an employee of the Toronto Port Authority (now PortsToronto) for 14, Armstrong has seen everything from classic cars to home made concrete sailing ships dragged off the mucky lake bed. […]

We asked Armstrong to draw on his 40 years experience and tell us about the strangest things found in the Toronto Harbour.

[…] While working with the police dive unit in the 1980s, Armstrong and his team discovered a brand new racing green Jaguar sports car submerged in the Western Gap near the foot of Bathurst St. It had an all-leather interior and was presumably very, very expensive.

"We hauled it out of the water and we find it had been reported stolen, but the keys were inside it," Armstrong says. "So we called back the owner and he confesses. He says: 'Well, officer, I didn't want to say it before, but it's a gift from my wife and I'd gone to my girlfriends apartment. I guess my wife followed me and she jumped out of her car and jumped into my car with the spare set of keys, drove it down to the harbour, and shot it into the lake."

"The insurance company didn't cover that!" […]