Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hillary Clinton Threw a Lamp or Book or Bible at Bill

See also Gail Collins, Scorpion Tongues (New York: William Morrow and Company, 1998), 1-5, 8, 20-1.

Washington Post
9 April 2015

By Emily Heil

Among the most salacious bits in journalist Kate Andersen Brower’s new book on the palace intrigue at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. are accounts of three times that first lady Hillary Clinton launched a projectile, in part piqued by her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. In two instances, according to The Residence: Inside the Private World of The White House, the first lady apparently hurled a book, and in another, the lofted object was “rumored” among the staff to be a lamp.

If all this all sounds a bit familiar, that might be because stories of the former first lady tossing a lamp or a book (in some stories, the book in question was, quite cinematically, the Bible) had been circulating since just weeks after she and her family moved into the White House. […]