Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Senator Harry Reid's Eye Injury

Las Vegas Review-Journal
19 April 2015


WASHINGTON — To most people it seemed curious but straightforward enough when Sen. Harry Reid said he suffered a serious facial injury while exercising at home on New Year’s Day. A few days later he acknowledged the freak accident happened, embarrassingly enough, while he was working out in his bathroom.

But since the Nevada Democrat announced on March 27 he would retire from the Senate when his term expires, the right wing of the Internet and talk radio has had a field day with conjecture about what really must have happened to him in Henderson over the holiday. […]

Las Vegas Sun
26 April 2015

By Ric Anderson

A Las Vegas man claims he started a false rumor that the injuries suffered by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid several months ago were the result of an attack by Reid’s brother, not an exercise accident.

Larry Pfeifer, a 50-year-old former consultant in the nightclub and entertainment industry, said he fabricated the story after becoming appalled that right-wing political blogger John Hinderaker published a rumor that Reid’s injuries stemmed from an assault by a Mafia enforcer. Pfeifer said he pitched his fake story about the Reid brothers’ supposed fight to Hinderaker, author of the Power Line blog, to test whether the blogger would publish it, as well. When Hinderaker reported it and the rumor was subsequently spread by others in conservative media, Pfeifer says he began plotting to self-report it as a lie to show the lack of credibility and journalistic standards among partisan media figures. […]

Huffington Post
28 April 2015

Sam Stein