Monday, March 17, 2014

Premature Deathbed Confession

Chad Lewis, Hidden Headlines of New York (Eau Claire, WI: Unexplained Research Publishing Company, 2007), 138.

Saw Friends in Heaven

[…] “I once attended a case,” said a well-known physician, “where a young man was thought to be dying of typhoid fever. He was the son of a clergyman and had been attending one of the large colleges. He had been brought up in the strict old-fashioned way and for all his parents knew was a model son. Just as he was thought to be breathing his last he raised up in bed and began confessing his sins. Imagining that he was dead and was before the recording angel. His confession was a revelation to his parents and showed them that their model boy had been one of the ‘sports’ at the college. It is interesting to note that the boy got well but he was not allowed to return to college.” […] Syracuse Post Standard, July 9, 1899