Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Lost" Children Lure Victims to Gangs

Gulf News
5 March 2014

False reports on messaging applications about gang using children to lure victims

    By Nada Al TaherStaff Reporter

Abu Dhabi: Police have denied rumours circulating on social media about gangs who commit heinous crimes after luring people to houses.

Mobile phones have been buzzing with rumours about a gang that has been using children to lure victims into its trap. Rape, robbery and organ theft supposedly awaits those who take the ‘lost’ children back to their ‘homes’.

However, Abu Dhabi Police have confirmed these rumours are false and the seemingly authentic document circulating on messaging applications contains a forged police report.

The document states a person from the police force filed a complaint alleging that children were found on Abu Dhabi streets holding signs with their home addresses. The children would claim they were lost when in fact these addresses led the victims to the gang members. […]