Thursday, October 18, 2012

Woman Unwrapped by Motorcycle

Arunima Das, "Urban Legends: A Study in Guwahati," Indian Folklife 25 (January 2007), p. 20.

Once a boy and a girl were moving around the city in a motorcycle. The girl was riding on the pillion. She was wearing a T-shirt and Wrapper (a traditional dress of the tribes in the north-eastern region of India and worn on the lower part of the body.).

Later on, they stopped in front of a college for some work. In a few moments, they finished their work and were ready to resume their ride. But, what happened thereafter was really astonishing. The boy started the motorcycle thinking her to be on the pillion seat and started to move on. But to the utter disbelief of the girl, a part of her wrapper got stuck in the rear wheel of the motorcycle and her wrapping around her waist started to loosen up. The boy did not have the slightest of inkling of what was happening and he simply drove on taking the wrapping with him in the process. Now, the wrapper went off completely from her waist and she stood undressed in the middle of the road and in full view of the passers-by.

The girl stood on the very ground as if in a trance. She did not move an inch and looked around helplessly. Looking at her pitiable condition, a rickshaw puller standing nearby offered his towel to her. She quickly put the towel around her waist and went away in an auto-rickshaw.