Monday, October 15, 2012

Andre Gide vs. Francois Mauriac

Rolling Stone, 22 December 1983, p. 131.

Name One Arlene Dahl Movie and Win a Free Trip to Normandy Beach

By Jack Richardson

[The writer recalls an anecdote told to him by Gore Vidal.]

Andre Gide would try to avoid paying the young men he'd just sodomized by declaring that they should be honored to have been buggered by a master of French literature, and when then asked who he was, he would sonorously introduce himself as the Catholic writer Francois Mauriac[.]

Naim Attalah, Of a Certain Age (London: Quartet, 1992), p. 26.

There was a wonderful story about Andre Gide having buggered a little boy in Morocco. Afterwards he said to the boy, 'You have just had intimate relations with the greatest living French author', and the boy replied, 'Who? Francois Mauriac?'

[The characters in these anecdotes are the same -- Gide, his sex partners, and Gide's rival, physically absent but essentially present -- but their roles (as victim or victor) in each version couldn't be more different. -- bc]