Friday, November 25, 2011

Condoms Cause Kidney Problems

Mmegi Online [Botswana]
24 November 2011

Shadishadi residents shun condoms

Staff Writer

The use of condoms in Shadishadi and neighbouring villages will take long to catch on after the residents told health workers that condoms cause kidney problems.

According to the health education officer at Shadishadi, Oshale Sesupo, there are widespread misconceptions in the area that condoms cause kidney diseases and people in the area would never use them. They believe that the 'oil' in the condoms is the root cause of their problems.

"They say their kidneys get painful after using condoms and they strongly believe it is the lubricating oil in the condoms," she said. [...]
Mmegi Online [Botswana]
25 November 2011
Debunk the condom myth in Shadishadi