Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bananas Infected with Flesh-eating Bacteria


East Coast Radio [Durban, South Africa]
22 November 2011

Lethal banana message 'a hoax'

By Thozama Mbili

An email or a BBM that has been doing the rounds warning people not to eat bananas because they are infected with a flesh eating bacteria, is a hoax.

The message claims that several deliveries of bananas from Uvongo, on the KZN South Coast, are infected with the bacteria - which it says is potentially lethal.

It also advises that if you have eaten a banana in the past two to three days, and have come down with a fever followed by a skin infection, you must urgently seek medical attention. [...]


The Zimbabwean [UK]
1 December 2011

Mozambique: Hoax messages damage banana sellers

by AIM

Sales of bananas in Maputo have plummeted following the circulation of malicious e-mails and mobile phone text messages claiming that South African bananas are infected with a lethal bacteria.

The bananas sold in Maputo are grown in Mozambique, not South Africa --- indeed, Mozambique exports bananas to South Africa. But this has made no difference to panic-stricken consumers who are avoiding the fruit altogether. [...]