Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shootings, Abductions by Somalis (Fort Morgan)

The Fort Morgan Times [CO]
20 July 2011

False rumors affecting not only Somalis

Fort Morgan Times staff

Rumors and gossip can be damaging to a lot of people, just as a stone thrown into a pond creates widespread ripples.

This is the case in malicious rumors about Somalis being spread by e-mail and reported Tuesday night to the Fort Morgan City Council by Fort Morgan Chief of Police Keith Kuretich.

Seems some woman took it upon herself to warn people that shopping in Fort Morgan could be dangerous due to alleged incidents involving Somali immigrants.

One of these rumors was an allegation of an attempted child abduction at Wal Mart.

Another was an allegation of a shooting between Somalis, also at Wal Mart.

Then there was the rumor about a Somali man cutting out his wife's tongue because she talked or complained too much.

When police checked out all of these allegations, there was no truth to them. [...]