Friday, July 15, 2011

Black Gangs Steal Asians' Gold (UK)

Birmingham Mail [UK]
15 July 2011

Cops scotch gold raid rumours in worried Small Heath community

by Mark Cowan, Birmingham Mail

UNFOUNDED rumours circulating via text that Asian families are being robbed in their own homes by gangs of black men for their gold jewellery have been blamed for leaving a community in fear.

The messages contained wild claims that a woman had a hand and fingers chopped off and 80 homes in Small Heath had been raided in the past fortnight.

But police chiefs dismissed the details as urban myths and revealed that there had actually only been six such break-ins targeting Asian gold since February. [...]

Birmingham Mail [UK]
16 July 2011

Climate of fear hits Small Heath after rumours

by Nick McCarthy, Birmingham Mail

RESIDENTS and shopkeepers in Small Heath have spoken about how the community is living in fear.

Asian jewellers spoke out after the Birmingham Mail revealed yesterday that the area had been swept by what police have called ‘fabricated’ myths about gangs of black men targeting householders for gold. [...]