Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Americans Blame Canadians for Flooding

Minot Daily News [ND]
4 July 2011


Don’t be mad at Canadians

Wendy Friess, Estevan, Sask.

I don't understand. I am hearing all sorts of rumors about how Minot is angry with Canadians. The stories include slashed tires, keyed vehicles, and refusal of service to Canadians while in Minot. [...] It is very sad that we are now scared to bring our families and our business to your city.


Jul-04-11 5:45 PM

It only takes one incident to ruin a city's reputation and there have been more than just ONE incident. We were planning a few trips to Minot this summer and fall and we have canceled them all. I know people personally from Manitoba who have been told to "take back their water" (ridiculous since the water from Minot flows TO Manitoba, not from) and two people who have been refused service and one other who had hotel reservations that were not honored because they were Canadian. [...]

Leader-Post [Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada]
5 July 2011

Minot battling rumours that Sask. residents are being harassed and blamed for flooding

By Will Chabun, Leader-Post

REGINA -- As if Curt Zimbelman doesn’t have enough problems, there are the rumours.

The mayor of Minot, N.D., is facing an epic disaster that has flooded huge parts of his city.

Eleven thousand people -- a quarter of its population -- are unable to return to their flooded homes.

Now, there’s an assault on the city’s tourism industry via rumours that are running rampant north of the border. They hold that Canadians are being verbally harassed, shunned and even having their vehicles “keyed” and tires slashed -- because of a misplaced belief that Saskatchewan somehow is responsible for the floodwaters that engulfed Minot and other centres along the Souris River over the last three weeks. [...]