Sunday, August 9, 2009


Wall Street Journal
6 August 2009

Quick! Tell Us What KUTGW Means


[...] Cassandra McSparin, 23, of Jim Thorpe, Pa., knew a woman whose friend's mother had died. The woman texted her friend: "I'm so sorry to hear about your mother passing away. LOL. Let me know if there's anything I can do."

It turns out she thought LOL meant "Lots of love."

John Deering and John Newcombe, "Zack Hill", 12 January 2009

John Deering and John Newcombe, "Zack Hill", 13 January 2009

[After getting a text message from her friend announcing that his cat has just died, a woman responds with "LOL," thinking it means "Lots of love."]

The Globe and Mail [Toronto, Canada]
26 December 2009

OMG, how obsolete am I? [column]

Margaret Wente

I exchange a lot of e-mail with a certain friend of mine, whom I'll call A. A is quite expressive, and until recently she concluded her e-mails by writing, “LOL, A.”

Eventually she discovered her mistake – but only after sending several condolence messages to a newly bereaved friend. “LOL,” she wrote tenderly, not knowing that LOL generally stands for “laughing out loud.” “I feel terrible,” she groaned. “I always thought it stood for ‘lots of love.' ”

OMG, I felt so bad for her! But I could relate. For the longest time, I thought it stood for “lots of love,” too. [...]