Sunday, August 23, 2009

Holy Dog Bowl

Sunday Sun [UK]
23 August 2009

Doggies welcome

by Mieka Smiles, Sunday Sun

[...] Rob Flower, head of visitor operations for English Heritage in Northumberland said: “Many of our sites are sacred and protected historic monuments, carefully conserved and protected and a big part of the organisation’s role is ensuring that our sites are accessible and open to as many visitors as possible, but unfortunately not everyone realises that nearly all of our sites do welcome dogs. I’ll never forget an anecdote from a member of staff at Lindisfarne Priory, who was changing the water in the dog bowl that we keep by the entrance.

“She politely held the door open for some visitors and, as they filed past her, they dipped their hands in the dog bowl, assuming it was some kind of holy ritual for visiting the priory! [...]