Monday, December 22, 2008

Killer Perfume Rumors, UAE

Al-Arabiya [United Arab Emirates]
22 December 2008

Claiming death of 18 people
Killer perfume rumors raise fears in the UAE

ABU DHABI (Ahmed Sherif)

Abu Dhabi police sought to play down fears among consumers on Monday that a killer perfume was on the loose after a rumor was spread by text message to mobile phones.

The text messages claimed that in four days 18 people had died after using the unnamed perfume and that another 35 had been admitted to intensive care in hospitals in Abu Dhabi. The text messages also urged the receivers to spread send warnings to the people they know as quickly as possible to rescue as much people as possible. [...]

Gulf News [UAE]
23 December 2008

Police deny rumours about 'killer perfume' in UAE


Abu Dhabi/Dubai: Police in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have denied rumours that some vendors were selling a perfume that could kill users in four days. [...]