Monday, December 29, 2008

Dognapping Fear, Upper West Side, NYC

The New Yorker
5 January 2009

The Talk of the Town

Man's Best Friend
Shaggy-dog Story

by Kate Julian

[...] And then, several weeks ago, dog-napping terror hit the Upper West Side. E-mails began circulating (one subject line: "DOGNAPPING attempts in NYC with RAZOR and RANSOM -- get dogs ON LEASHES -- happening on West Side"), and flyers were posted at dog runs and veterinary offices and pet stores ("COMMUNITY ALERT: DOGNAPPING attempts on the West Side"). Dog owners, particularly women with small dogs -- said to be the prime target -- began to panic. [...]

New America Media
4 February 2009

As Economy Tanks, Is Fifi Safe?
'Dognapping' on the Rise in New York City

Louis Nevaer

Editor’s Note: In the latest indication of the deepening economic crisis in New York, a new phenomenon is on the rise: dognapping. The crime is entering the ranks of urban legend: Everyone knows someone who knows someone whose dog has been abducted and who had to pay ransom. [...]