Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tampered Treats (Halloween, 2008)

WNYT-TV [Albany, NY]
2 November 2008

By: WNYT Staff

Parents find trick in child's treat

HALFMOON -- If you haven't checked your child's Halloween candy yet, police are asking you to do that now.

A straight pin was found in a piece of chocolate that a local child received while trick or treating.

Police say the parents found the pin while they were inspecting the candy. The child was in the Pine Ridge Developments off Sitterly Road in the Town of Halfmoon Friday night. [...]

News 10 Now [Syracuse, NY]
3 November 2008

Pin found in Halloween candy in Clifton Park

By: Dave Detling

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. -- "The only reason I saw it was because my light was shining on it," said the 13-year-old Clifton Park girl.

"She had opened the 3 Musketeers and thought that it was a piece of the foil that was still on the back of the 3 Musketeers," said the girl's mother.

But it was no wrapper. The 13-year-old said it was a pin inside her candy bar. [...]

Reno Gazette-Journal [NV]
6 November 2008

Police look into suspicious candy

Reno police are investigating how push pins got into candy bars collected by a 10-year-old trick-or-treater on Halloween.

The girl and her parents reported the suspicious candy to Reno police just before 10 p.m. Friday.

Police said they believe someone intentionally put the push pins in multiple pieces of 3 Musketeers candy bars the girl collected. The exact neighborhood where she got the candy was unknown. [...]
8 November 2008

Drugs found in Ont. Halloween candy

Canwest News Service

TORONTO - Police in southern Ontario are warning parents to check their kids' Halloween candy after cold medication was discovered in sealed boxes of Halloween candy.

On Wednesday, a Grade 5 student in Pickering, Ont., opened a box of Smarties collected while trick-or-treating Oct. 31 and found a DayQuil cold medication tablet among the candy, Durham Regional police said.

Since then four more cases have been confirmed, all involving the cold and flu medication in boxes of Smarties. [...]
13 November 2008

More cold tablets found in Ont. Halloween treats

Canwest News Service

PICKERING, Ont. - Another two cold medication tablets were found in sealed Smarties boxes given out during Halloween in Pickering, Ont., bringing the total of tampered treats to seven. [...]

Medford Central Record [NJ]
12 November 2008

Police warn of possible Halloween candy tampering

By Elaine J. Barton

MEDFORD-Township police yesterday issued a warning to Medford parents to closely inspect all candy collected by their children on Halloween.

On Wednesday, Police Chief Anthony J. Canale issued a press release saying his department has received two complaints from residents who found candy in their children's trick or treat baskets that had evidence of tampering.

He said the suspicious candy were snack packs of Peanut M & M's, where the back had been cut open, candy removed and replaced with pellets of what looked like animal food. The packages were then taped closed. [...]

Hamilton Spectator [ON]
14 November 2008

Burlington mom finds cold pill in Smarties

John Burman

Halton police are warning parents to re-check any Halloween candy their kids might have around the house after a Burlington mother discovered a cold tablet in her daughter's stash Wednesday.

Police said the woman opened a small, sealed box of Smarties intending to have a treat and found a single, Tylenol "DM" cold tablet inside the box. [...]

Alamogordo Daily News [NM]
7 November 2008

Razor blade found in candy

By Duane Barbati, Staff Writer

The Alamogordo Department of Public Safety is warning parents about Halloween candy after a mother found a single edged razor blade in her 10-year-old's candy bar Wednesday, a spokesman said.

Detective Sgt. Israel Trujillo said he received the 3 Musketeers fun size candy bar from a mother around 2 p.m. [...]

680 News [Toronto]
17 November 2008

More tainted Halloween candy found, this time in Toronto

Shauna Hunt

Toronto - More cases of tainted Smarties in small Halloween size packages have been discovered.

This time it was found in the city. [...]

Toronto Sun
18 November 2008

Nestle: Smarties tampering not here


Nestle Canada says tampering that's left cold medication in Smarties packages isn't happening at its factory. [...]