Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beware of Moving Black Bags

Richmond Hill Community Blog [Port Elizabeth, South Africa]

Keep an eye open for these!

We received this alert from the Mount Croix SCF, thanks guys!

Just a small warning of the latest way criminals operate –very inventive!!

The criminals dress in black & cover themselves in black bags & then get into your property (or wait on the pavement).

When SAPS or the neighbourhood watch drive pass they crouch down on the ground to make it look like a full black rubbish bag.

SAPS etc ignore the “black bags” & drive pass. The criminals then either wait for the home owner to come home — to hijack them or proceed to break into the house.

Please be aware & beware of “moving” black bags!!! –particularly on rubbish removal days.

PS: The neighbourhood watch member who noticed this wouldn’t have known any different if one of the bags hadn’t moved & if he wasn’t vigilant .

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