Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Babies,0,2907959.story

Chicago Tribune
7 November 2008

Did you 'do it' on Election Night?
After Barack's romp, some say they had one too

By James Janega Tribune reporter

The term "Obama Baby" has joined the English language amid speculation that Tuesday's crowds of emotionally charged voters probably went home and just cold got it on. [...]

Published Nov 14, 2008 From the magazine issue dated Nov 24, 2008

Change You Can Conceive In
Could euphoric Obama fans be sparking a baby boom?

By Jessica Bennett

The theory is almost too perfect to be true. Barack Obama, the son of politically progressive parents, was born Aug. 4, 1961—almost nine months to the day after John F. Kennedy was elected to the White House. Is it possible Obama was conceived on that historic night?

And if so, could history repeat itself? In the hours and days since Obama's victory, many of his exhilarated supporters have been, shall we say, in the mood for love. [...]