Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Korean Singer Denies Castration Rumors

25 January 2008

South Korea holds breath as singer drops trousers

SEOUL (Reuters) - An ageing South Korean crooner stunned a live, national TV audience on Friday by dropping his trousers and saying he was ready to prove he had not been castrated or dismembered in a love quarrel.

Na Hoon-a, who can still fill concert halls with legions of his middle-aged fans, spoke at a packed news conference to deny rumors he had been castrated or had his penis cut off by a Japanese "yakuza" gangster. [...]

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) [South Korea]
28 January 2008

Na Hoon-a and the Posion of Celebrity Rumor

Rumors about the Na Hoon-a started to die down on Friday, when the veteran pop singer in a press conference threatened to take drastic action to prove he was in one piece. But the saga revealed the collective voyeurism of the yellow press in dealing with rumors about celebrities' private lives, and the way such rumors ramify on the Internet. [...]