Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kenyan Looters Return Cursed Goods


7 January 2008

Police cheer as Kenya's witch-wary looters return war spoils

NAIROBI (AFP) - Dozens of looters who profited from Kenya's post-election unrest began returning or dumping their ill-gotten gains around the port city of Mombasa Monday, frightened of cursed goods, police said.

Television footage showed fearful, if not shameful, looters and their accomplices returning beds, sofa sets and other items after rumours that victims had deployed witch doctors to punish the thieves. [...]

[It is rumored that some looters "cannot urinate or pass stool. And another one is rotting in one eye."]


Daily Nation [Kenya]
9 January 2008

Mombasa looters return stolen property


[A thief returning stolen goods admits, "What drove us to this point is a rumour doing rounds that one man dropped dead as he carried away a stolen TV set from an electronic shop in Magongo.” According to one woman, “I have seen with my own eyes several people who are now complaining that they cannot go the toilet anymore, just a few days after looting.” Some other looters see ghosts.]


Reuters Africa
9 January 2008

Kenya looters fear black magic, return goods

By Celestine Achieng

The Standard [Kenya]
8 January 2008

Stolen goods returned to owners

By Khadija Yusuf