Thursday, April 23, 2020

Organ Thieves (India) – Ice Cream Causes Coronavirus (Bangladesh) – Liquor Bottles Left Out for Collection One at a Time

Indian Express
21 April 2020

Palghar lynching: Dahanu MLA blames police for failing to quell rumours, assure villagers

Dahanu MLA Vinod Nikole has claimed that the police’s failure to assure tribal communities in remote villages of its presence and quell rumours about organ harvesters and child kidnappers eventually led to the lynching of three men last Thursday. […]

BOOM [India]
21 April 2020

How Child Kidnapping Rumours Led To A Mob Lynching In Palghar

Fake messages claiming child kidnappers and thieves are on the prowl in various villages in Palghar were viral among local residents, days before a violent mob lynched three people including two Hindu seers. BOOM was able to access these messages which asked residents to stay alert and also led to villages forming neigbourhood watch groups to patrol the streets at night. […]


The Daily Star [Dhaka, Bangladesh]
22 April 2020

Ice cream industry melting on a rumour

[…] The countrywide shutdown since March 26 has pounded almost all sectors of the economy more or less, but the ice cream, it appears, has been a victim of a cruel joke on top. A rumour was spread on social media quoting the United Nations Children's Fund that ice cream consumption would lead to catching coronavirus. Though the United Nations agency denied it, the damage was already done, with people avoiding ice cream like plague. […]


Sydney Morning Herald [Australia]
23 April 2020

Column 8

[…] In the 1960s the grandmother of Jennifer Dewar of Double Bay lived in a block of flats where all rubbish […] was put outside the door of each flat to be collected daily by a caretaker. "When my grandmother had a drinks party she told us she wouldn’t put all the bottles out at once as it would give a poor impression. Instead she put one out each day for a week, and was unable to understand why her family was amused." […]

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