Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Taboo against Stepping on Auburn University Seal

The Plainsman [Auburn University, AL]
29 May 2017

By Kressie Kornis

The urban legend of the seal in front of Langdon Hall, placed in the 1970s, is arguably one of Auburn’s most well-known myths. Legend has it that if any student steps on the seal, they will not graduate on time or marry an Auburn man or woman.

Hannah Burke, junior in elementary education, learned this the hard way.

“I heard that if you step on the seal you won’t graduate on time, you won’t find true love at Auburn and you will have seven generations of Bama fans,” Burke said.

There are a few different ways to reverse the curse according to the legend, including jumping into the president’s fountain at midnight on the leap day of leap year. The next leap year is 2020.

“In order to counteract the curse, it used to be that you had to jump in the fountain but then they got rid of the fountain, so now you have to eat dirt out of the president’s garden or something like that,” Burke explained. […]