Sunday, May 14, 2017

Method for Roasting a Lamb Questioned

New Zealand Herald
15 May 2017

Ana Samways

Ours is not to question why

"In the good old days when a leg of lamb was affordable, many a Sunday we enjoyed roast lamb as did most Kiwi families," writes a reader. "I well remember dear mother always cutting around four inches from the hoof and bending the leg piece back at right angles. I on one occasion asked mum why she did this, having seen her do it many times over the years. She explained that grandma did it that way and having learnt all her cooking from her mother, she has always done exactly the same.

On my next visit to see nana, I asked why she always cut the leg of the roast lamb before placing it in the oven and she replied, "I only had a small roasting dish and had to cut the leg to fit the lamb in."