Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vanishing Ink Rumors Alarm Voters (South Africa)

News 24 [South Africa]
1 May 2014

Sydney Masinga, African Eye

Mbombela - The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has dismissed claims that voters will be given pens containing vanishing ink when they cast their votes on 7 May.

In a chain e-mail sent out last week, one Bruce Jenkins, who claims to have overseen the counting of votes during the 2009 general elections, said the ink used at polling stations vanishes, which opens the system to rigging. […]

Independent Online [South Africa]
8 May 2014

By Kamcilla Pillay

Durban - Your vote will be counted - even if you used the pens provided by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

Panic spread through the voting stations after e-mails and messages over social networks warned of an IEC conspiracy: the ink used to mark your vote would gradually fade by the time of counting, effectively “spoiling” it. […]